Monday, January 25, 2010

I fail.

So I am quite possibly one of the laziest people ever. With that being said I officially FAIL in this whole having a blog thing and updating it regularly. I just realized that I have written a THING on here since October. Wow. BIIIIG time gap there. It is now January 25, 2010. Oy. I've been writing regularly in my actualy journal but I just can't bring myself to get the motivation to update this blog regularly. SOOOOO much has happened since I last wrote. I looked back on my last blog post and I realized that I didn't even finish talking about my first week in Munich! How pathetic!! Like I said I have it all written down in my journal and amazingly I'm able to update that regularly but when it comes to sitting down and typing out a blog I just can't seem to get the motivation. Weird.

So my first semester here ends on February 11th; so in less than 3 weeks. 17 days to be exact. CRAZY!! And then my Semesterferien begins and during that time I am doing quite a number of things. I'm going to Ireland from Feb. 12th to the 17th, Amsterdam from March 25th to the 29th, and Budapest from March 8th to the 12th. As of now those seem to all be my big trips I suppose. One of my best friends is coming to visit me from March 1st to the 15th so she'll be joining me in Budapest, as are 2 of my other friends here. I'm going to Ireland with just one of my friends; same with Amsterdam. I found out today that I have a test in one of my classes on Wednesday. What a wonderful surprise. I haven't read anything for class so it'll certainly be an interesting test. This past Tuesday, the 19th, I had an interview with the Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege and I ended up getting an internship that starts April 1st and ends July 15th. VERY exciting!! This will be my first college internship. Plus it's in Germany which makes it even better. I'm not sure what I'll be doing yet nor am I sure of the eact details of the internship but I'm sure it'll be awesome. I can already tell that this blog really isn't going to have any sort of structure to it; it's just a stream of consciousness type post. Oh well. I just don't feel like structuring it. I'm writing just whatever comes to mind.

I went to Prague with 3 of my friends here from December 18th to the 21st and that was definitely an AWESOME trip. And then way back in October I went to Paris with another friend and that was, again, amazing. Um, let's see what else...oh yea next semester the JYM program is getting 48 new people. FOURTY-EIGHT NEW PEOPLE ADDED TO OUR ALREADY THIRTY-SOMETHING GROUP. That will put the number of participants over 70 people. Oy vey. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Mostly I don't care because next semester I'm going to be at JYM as little as possible. I'm required to take the next level of the Advanced German Language class so I'm thinking that that will be my only class at JYM. The rest will hopefully be LMU classes. My internship will be worth 6 credits so that means that I have to register for 3 more classes (4 if I wanna be super busy and have no life and take 18 credits). I might take the Art in Munich class that JYM is offering just because it sounds very interesting but who knows. I know that I want to take at least one Art History and Archaeology course at LMU. I NEED to experience Art History and Archaeology classes while I'm here. It's just a must.

So let's see, what other major happenings can I put here. I know, I know, this is definitely not a good continuation of my last blog but oh well. I'm hoping that from now on I will be able to be motivated enough to update this thing at least once a week. I can't guarantee that I will post pictures on here. That's asking way too much of my lazy self. Haha. But all of my pictures are on Facebook and let me tell you, I have taken a crazy amount of pictures since I've been here. Like probably over 1,500. Crazy, right? My friends here always know that I will be the one documenting EVERYTHING I possibly can and they've come to expect me to take an insane amount of pictures where ever I go. And I definitely do. So my niece, Mackenzie Lee Patterson, was born on October 17th. She's definitely the cutest baby I've ever seen in my life. No lie. I'm going to teach her German, it's gonna be great. I got to spend Thanksgiving in a castle and have a knight's dinner; that was wild. And then Christmas and New Year's was fun too. I watched Munich erupt in a sea of fireworks from the roof of the green house here in StuSta. It was an incredible sight. Of course I experience Oktoberfest too. Not that I remember most of it. Haha. I'm pretty sure I'm doing well in all of my classes and I do hope I get good grades even if only my credits transfer back to Hood. I still try very hard in my classes despite that fact. I know my German has improved a great deal, especially my understanding of it. It's definitely not where I want it to be though. I'm speaking way too much English and I'm really just hurting myself by doing that. The whole point of being here is to become really, really good in German and if I keep going down this path of speaking mostly English, that's definitely not going to happen. I need to really be committed to speaking German 24/7, even if my fellow JYM-ers respond and talk to me in English. Hm...what else can I write about? I hope to be able to travel around Germany as much as possible too. One of my friends here and I want to try out hitch-hiking and couch surfing at one point while we're here. Hitch-hiking in Germany is supposed to be super easy and really safe so it would definitely be an experience that would be fun to try out!

I can definitely feel myself suffering from an Art History and Archaeology withdrawal. I went to the Alte Pinakothek a couple of weeks ago and I found it quite difficult to recall names of artists and art styles which made me sad. So I'm definitely looking forward to taking at least one Art History and one Archaeology course next semester so that I can get my groove back haha. Alrighty, well I'm gonna stop writing for now and like I said before, I will really try this time around to update this thing at least once a week. Tchüss!! :D

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