Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First blog!

I've never been very gifted with the written word so please excuse my lack of creativity and wittiness when it comes to this blog haha. Anyway, the main purpose of this blog is to share my upcoming experiences in Munich, Germany (but I'm sure I'll throw in random blogs here and there too haha).

So I'm leaving for Munich on September 15, 2009 so that makes it 2 months and 15 days until I leave as of now; kinda scary. I'm studying abroad through a program called the Junior Year in Munich and I'll be in Munich until July 28, 2010. I really couldn't be more excited about this but I'm also a little nervous, anxious, and maybe even a little scared. But mostly I'm thrilled. I've dreamed of studying abroad ever since I went to Germany for the first time in 2005.

When I visited Germany in 2005 I was a sophomore in high school. At that time I had only had one year of mediocre high school German so my German was very, very bad. But I had such an amazing time in Germany that I knew I wanted to go back there; I had fallen in love with that place after just 10 days. I wanted so badly to become fluent in German so I continued taking German and by senior year I knew I wanted to major in German in college. Amazingly I placed into Intermediate German but when I stepped into my first college German class I realized just how bad my German was. I thought "how the hell did I place into this class?! I'm totally going to fail!" After my first semester of college German I seriously considered giving up on German. But I stuck it out and my German started to slowly (emphasis on the slow) improve and by the end of my freshman year all thoughts of giving up were gone.

I started to think about study abroad in the very beginning of the first semester of my sophomore year of college. After a couple of meetings with different people to discuss all things study abroad, my German professor advised me that I should consider majoring in German since I wanted to study abroad. By December I decided to double-major in German and Archaeology (after a sudden realization that I no longer wanted to be an International Lawyer and that I wanted nothing to do with politics or law in general) and soon after that decision I declared these subjects as my majors (with Art History as a minor). I began filling out and doing all the things needed for my study abroad application and by the end of December I turned everything in. Then at the end of January I got the letter I had been so desperately waiting for: I had been accepted into the study abroad program!!

I've thought about what life is going to be like in Munich almost every day since I got that acceptance letter. Call me obsessive but I'm just so damn excited! It's so surreal and sometimes it's almost hard to believe that I'm actually going. I know it's gonna be a period of ups and downs (especially in the first couple months) but I'm positive it's going to be an experience of a lifetime.

Oh and just a little side-note about the title of my blog. It was the name of my textbook for my German Lit. class this past spring semester as well as a phrase that was used to describe what Germany was full of in a quote by some German poet. Thus I thought it'd be an appropriate blog title. Until later my friends! :D

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